Amid clinical workforce shortages, rising healthcare costs and ongoing concerns about inequity, IMPaCT unlocks the power of the grassroots community health workforce.

IMPaCT is the leading evidence-based intervention in the U.S. for addressing health inequity and the social determinants of health. IMPaCT’s standardized, scalable program selects altruistic people from local communities, trains them as CHWs and connects them with people who are facing health inequity. We then support CHWs as they help their clients improve their lives and health. We have transformed the effectiveness of the CHW workforce by reimagining each step, from how to identify the right CHWs, to how to train, develop, manage, and empower them with technology and evidence-based best practices. We’ve achieved outcomes frequently believed to be out of reach: across multiple randomized controlled trials, our team has demonstrated dramatic improvements in cost, health and patient satisfaction – $2,500 saved per patient in year 1, improved mental health, 66% of hospital days compared with matched controls and a 94% net promoter score.

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